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Welcome to Calvary's Online Giving page.  We are pleased to provide, for your convenience, a way to pay your tithes, give an offering or make a donation from the convenience of your home or while on the go.  There is no charge to you to give online and your contributions are secure and will always be kept in full confidence.  We have provided three ways for you give online; Givelify, PayPal and Cash App.  We would suggest that if you do not have a preference or have not used any of the three apps previously, that you try Givelify.  It offers the best options for giving to multiple areas of our ministry.  It allows you to  contribute to a variety of our various funds with a single transaction.  If, however, you are familiar with PayPal and Cash App and would like to give using either of them, please feel free to do so.  they are perfectly acceptable.

Thank you. We greatly appreciate your generosity and your support!

Click here to donate with Givelify

Benefits of Online Giving

  • Convenient

  • Easy

  • Secure

  • 24/7 access

  • Timely and reliable giving

  • Manage tithes and offerings online

  • Continuous online support

  • Worry-free / Hassle-free

Click on the donate button below, to donate using PayPal


Use the $Cash Tag below to donate with Cash App

on your smartphone



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