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Preaching The Ten Commandments:

Timeless Truths for Modern Living


A book that holds treasures for living each day with joy, peace, and success. 

by Rev. Dr. Jeffrey A. Ingraham

This book examines the Ten Commandments to see how they are relevant for us today. Initially presented as a series of sermons delivered in an African American congregation, the author offers new ways of understanding and applying these universal and timeless truths first given to Moses on Mt. Sinai. 

In some of the chapters, Dr. Ingraham defies political correctness in offering his personal convictions. In the chapter dealing with the commandment forbidding murder, he challenges the fallacy of those who advocate abolishing capital punishment because it does not stop the commission of that crime. He retorts, "Why not abolish speeding laws since people continue to speed!" 

In all the commandments, the author provides practical ways for Christians in particular to fulfill them. In the chapter forbidding adultery, he presents ways that couples might foster their relationship. In the chapter forbidding the desecration of God's name, he presents alternatives of the kind of speech we should engage in. 

The book is reader friendly, and each chapter concludes with questions for discussion. It is an excellent resource for both personal and group study

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