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Our Vision


The vision of the Calvary Baptist Church is to see our congregation being faithful to God in response to God's faithfulness 
to us.  We will be open to all ways God may choose to use us.

We envision our sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through word and deed with whomever we may have an 
opportunity, especially those we have some relationship or association with.  While priority will be given to our local 
community, we envision sending out many of our members as missionaries and workers all over the world.

We envision embracing in membership all those whom the Holy Spirit directs to unite with us.  They will be welcomed as 
integral and indispensable members of our Church Family; accorded all the benefits, rights, privileges and responsibilities 
of family members.  Our Church Family will be a place where we accept one another, love one another, encourage one 
another, discipline one another, forgive one another, serve one another and shepherd one another.

We envision developing all of our members to spiritual maturity where they discover their spiritual gifts and, along with 
their natural abilities and passion, use them faithfully and effectively in the ministry of Calvary.  Each member will actively 
be involved in helping Calvary fulfill its mission.  Growth, learning opportunities and fellowship will be available for all, 
including our children, youth, young adults, seniors and families.

We envision our Congregation extending the love and care of Jesus Christ beyond ourselves. We will use our resources 
in responding to needs and issues, especially in our local community.  We will actively participate in bringing wholeness to 
our broken world.

We envision our times of worship to always be real, authentic, sincere, joyful, uplifting, instructional, transforming, 
impacting, inspiring, encouraging, challenging, relevant, and open to the free and total involvement of the Holy Spirit.  
Members and friends will be moved to "not forsake the assembling of ourselves together as is the manner of some"  (Heb.

We envision Calvary to be a church on earth that is occupying until Jesus returns and prepared for His arrival.


"Covenant members committed to making mission possible."
Who is a covenant member?  One who…

1.        Walks together in Christian love.

2.        Ever serves to advance Calvary in knowledge and holiness.

3.        Calvary is placed above all other organizations.

4.        Always sustain Calvary's worship, ordinances, discipline and doctrine.

5.        Regularly and cheerfully contributes to Calvary's ministry expense as God blesses.

6.        Embraces peace and is conciliatory.

As covenant members, we care!

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