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The Calvary Baptist Church was organized on August 8, 1949, with Rev. Samuel J. Williams chosen as Pastor-Elect for an indefinite period. The group was set up as an organization by Rev. George C. Wainwright, Pastor of the East End Baptist Tabernacle Church of Bridgeport, acting as Moderator. The following names were submitted at that time: Mr. James McMillan, Miss Ethel Monroe, Miss Corryne Batch, Mrs. Lucy Murkinsom, Miss Alice Monroe, Miss Maxine Monroe, Mrs. Annie Monroe, Mrs. Armintha Darling, Mr. Edward Darling, and Mrs. Creola Williams.  The name of the church was chosen and Hiscox's Directory and the New Testament were adopted as guides. At this time, Miss Carryne Batch was chosen as the Church Clerk.


The following Sunday, these people became members of the Calvary Baptist Church: Mrs. Mattie Reed, Mr. Charlie Reed, Mr. Roosevelt Robinson, Mrs. Mary Robinson, Mr. Willie Coles, Mrs. Cornelia Hawley, Mrs. Rebecca Coles, Mr. W.C. Crapps, Mrs. Flors Bell Alexandria, Miss Odessa Roberts, Mrs. Celeste Burns, and Mrs. Fernan.  Worship service was held in the Redman Hall on Washington Street, South Norwalk.




In 1950, Calvary Baptist Church moved its worship services from Redman Hall to the small building on land it previously purchased on Concord Street. In 1952, ground was broken for the enlargement of the building. Construction began in 1955.  The land and building adjacent to the first Church building was bought by the Calvary Baptist Church in August 1967, to build a new sanctuary. The Calvary Baptist Church of South Norwalk, Connecticut was incorporated in 1972.


SECOND GROUND BREAKINGIn April 1975, Calvary Baptist Church broke ground for the second time.  A breezeway was constructed which would connect the old and new sanctuary. Mr. Hugh Hedges was chosen as the architect for the new sanctuary. Upon approval of plans, Tomlinson-Hawley-Patterson, Inc. was employed as builder.


The construction began in April 1977 and was completed November, 1977. The second Sunday in December 1977, the congregation led by Rev. Samuel J. Williams marched into the new edifice. Services for laying of the cornerstone was held July 23, 1978.


At the Quarterly Business Meeting held on October 29, 1986, the congregation voted to retire the mortgage on the church. This resolution was duly executed by the board of Trustees on December 16, 1986. A certificate of title was given to the Calvary Baptist Church by the Fairfield County Savings Bank.


In September 1985, Rev. Williams was called from labor to reward.  He was succeeded by the Rev. Phillip Charles Joubert, who served from December 1987 to October 1988.  


On January 1, 1989, the Rev. Jeffrey A. Ingraham of the Shiloh Baptist Church, Bridgeport, Connecticut, assumed the position of Interim Pastor of Calvary. In October of that same year he was duly elected Pastor. Rev. Ingraham was formally installed on Sunday, February 25, 1990, as the third Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church.

On January 29, 2023 Rev. Jeffrey A. Ingraham preached his final sermon at Calvary prior to his retirement, effective January 31, 2023.  Rev. Ingraham's service as Pastor of Calvary endured for 34 years.  He will be greatly missed.

On February 1, 2023, Rev. Carleton J. Giles became the Interim Pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church until such time as the church calls a permanent Pastor.

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